About company

At Yelobots we enable tomorrow's construction! As the leading rental platform for construction machinery, we are revolutionizing the construction industry. We make the rental process easier, faster and more cost-effective. Many customers throughout Malaysia are already working with our digital solution in order to successfully master complex construction projects in the future.

"As resources become more scarce, keeping ownership [of the resources] and leasing them keeps the cost down, while the rising price of raw materials [and production] makes Yelobots renting even more attractive,"

Demand for advanced machinery with eco-friendly as well as low maintenance features has continually grown and is likely to surge past demand for conventional equipment in the coming years. Also, another thing that is responsible for a high adoption of Yelobots rental products is the fact that consumers now have low purchasing intentions and with a higher preference for rentals.

Rent Equipments in Malaysia from RM. 1000 per hour - the 11th shift rent is free.

Rent powerful high performance excavators for rent. No need to call several contractors in search of an equipment for different jobs. In our fleet, in addition to wheeled models, you will also find the:

  1. crawler tracks for off-road conditions,
  2. mini excavators for confined spaces,
  3. loaders combining the functions of loosening and moving  building materials.

You can order special equipment with diesel fuel or refuel it yourself. The rental price is reduced if you fill your fuel. For quick application call. Favorable prices for renting an excavator from 10,000 Malaysian ringgit per shift

Rent an equipment for an hour or for multiple shifts, our trained SME will assist you to find the right choice of machinery to execute your work

Leave your phone number - we will call you back within 15-30 minutes

6 favorable conditions for renting an excavator in Malaysia for our customers

  • SAVE UP TO 20%

    Rent equipment at prices below average market prices. Outsourcing will save you cost compared to owning and buying your own fleet.

  • Delivery within 24 hrs

    Eliminate downtime - in case of urgency we will send you the equipment within 24 hrs. We will ensure a timely delivery

  • Free 11th shift

    Rent for 10 Consecutive 8 hours shift - we will provide 8 hours of one shift for free. Many more discounts and promotions for repeated orders

  • Advanced technology

    Use equipments with excellent performance - we conduct regular inspections to reduce the risk of any malfunctions to zero.

  • Contract warranty

    Do not doubt the safety of Yelobots. If a breakdown occurs, we will immediately find you another equipment. Replacement is entirely at our expense

  • On-line 24/7

    Book your equipment at any time of the day round the clock.