Ground Drilling Service


Soil drilling

One of the most important stages in construction is soil preparation and well drilling. They are carried out during the formation of the foundation, the construction of fences and power lines. Manual labor in such tasks is extremely inefficient, since it requires long man hours and huge cost. Among the automated systems, there are two types of machines for drilling wells: manual motor drills and crane installations.

We offer high-quality equipment for rent which is equipped with special pits. Automotive pits are designed for the implementation of large construction projects, which require the creation of numerous wells of various depths and diameters. Crane-boring machines have high productivity and are capable of performing the full amount of necessary work in a short time.

Aggregates are used for:

  • construction of screw piles;
  • installation of power poles and lighting;
  • piling constructions for fences;
  • installation of pile foundations;
  • well construction for oil pipelines;
  • drilling piles for overpasses and bridge structures.

A wide range of our special equipment allows drilling operations with diameters from 180 mm to 1 meter. In addition, different types of special equipment can work on various soils and perform drilling functions in various construction conditions.

Contractual cooperation and favorable prices

If you are interested in the price of soil drilling service , we can calculate the cost of your order in a few minutes. To do this, you will need to describe the task, the amount of work and the location of the construction site. Also taken into account is the delivery of the unit to the facility, the number of work shifts, the provision of an experienced operator-driver, and many other factors that are included in the service. All orders are executed by an agreement in which the terms of the lease are prescribed and the rights of the customer are protected by the principal law for consumer protection in Malaysia which is the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 1999.If, for example, a crane-drilling machine fails during a shift, the company will quickly replace the unit with a working one.

The pricing policy of the company allows you to rent special equipment on extremely favorable terms. And the discount system developed by us brings the company to the top of economical offers in the landlord market.

A crane-drilling machine will significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a task, which means it will save you considerable money on the construction budget.

Rent an excavator for an hour or for the required number of shifts. Our specialists will guide you in choosing the right equipment at the right time.

Leave your phone number - we will call you back within 15-30 minutes

6 favorable conditions for renting an excavator in Malaysia for our customers

  • SAVE UP TO 20%

    Rent equipment at prices below average market prices. Outsourcing will save you cost compared to owning and buying your own fleet.

  • Delivery within 24 hrs

    Eliminate downtime - in case of urgency we will send you the equipment within 24 hrs. We will ensure a timely delivery

  • Free 11th shift

    Rent for 10 Consecutive 8 hours shift - we will provide 8 hours of one shift for free. Many more discounts and promotions for repeated orders

  • Advanced technology

    Use equipments with excellent performance - we conduct regular inspections to reduce the risk of any malfunctions to zero.

  • Contract warranty

    Do not doubt the safety of Yelobots. If a breakdown occurs, we will immediately find you another equipment. Replacement is entirely at our expense

  • On-line 24/7

    Book your equipment at any time of the day round the clock.

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