Pit development service


Excavation development

Digging a pit is one of the first stages in the construction of capital buildings. When implementing such projects, the timing and quality of work are extremely important. Our company has a wide fleet of special equipment, which is designed for such tasks. Excavation of the excavation pit allows you to carry out large volumes of work and adhere to the construction schedule.

To choose the right type of special equipment, you need to clearly understand the specifics of the upcoming work:

  • digging a pit its depth and size;
  • groundwater availability;
  • remoteness of the place of work;
  • climatic, geological and seismic conditions of the pit zone;
  • type and mechanical density of soil;
  • the presence in the place of the pit of engineering communications;
  • foundation features: form, profile, etc .;
  • the need for soil removal and the length of its transportation.

The company has experience in working with both large construction projects and smaller earthworks. The tasks of digging pits with an excavator for shopping centers, high-rise buildings, private cottages, pools and residential buildings were successfully implemented . The convenience of our service is that with one order you can immediately solve the complex of tasks that a construction organization faces. You get multifunctional special equipment, which not only deals with the pit, but can also dig trenches, create wells for piles, remove soil and carry out handling processes at a construction site.

Economic benefit

Thanks to modern special equipment, the stage of development of the pit becomes short-term and economical. Renting a crawler or wheel excavator solves this problem within a few days. At the same time, our company provides experienced machinist-operators and the delivery of special equipment directly to the construction site. When developing a pit, the price is made up of many factors. The average rental cost of special equipment for such projects is from RM. 10,000. up to RM. 12 000 per shift. For small amounts of work, you can order an excavator or mini-excavator on an hourly basis (1300 - 1500 Ringetts / hour)

The entire fleet of the company undergoes regular inspection, as well as regularly updated with new models of equipment. For regular partners we have individual tariffs. Call us at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays.

Rent an excavator for an hour or for the required number of shifts. Our specialists will guide you in choosing the right equipment at the right time.

Leave your phone number - we will call you back within 15-30 minutes

6 favorable conditions for renting an excavator in Malaysia for our customers

  • SAVE UP TO 20%

    Rent equipment at prices below average market prices. Outsourcing will save you cost compared to owning and buying your own fleet.

  • Delivery within 24 hrs

    Eliminate downtime - in case of urgency we will send you the equipment within 24 hrs. We will ensure a timely delivery

  • Free 11th shift

    Rent for 10 Consecutive 8 hours shift - we will provide 8 hours of one shift for free. Many more discounts and promotions for repeated orders

  • Advanced technology

    Use equipments with excellent performance - we conduct regular inspections to reduce the risk of any malfunctions to zero.

  • Contract warranty

    Do not doubt the safety of Yelobots. If a breakdown occurs, we will immediately find you another equipment. Replacement is entirely at our expense

  • On-line 24/7

    Book your equipment at any time of the day round the clock.

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