Earthwork service


Earthworks in Malaysia

Earthwork is usually the initial or zero cycle in the construction of buildings and structures. This is the most important stage of work, on which the quality of the entire construction depends in many respects.

The range of earthworks includes:

  • territory preparation with the possibility of dismantling old buildings;
  • digging pits for foundations;
  • digging trenches for underground utilities;
  • digging wells for installing piles;
  • soil movement to level the site;
  • soil removal with removal to the landfill;
  • removal of the upper vegetative soil layer;
  • backfilling of soil back into trenches or pits;
  • earthworks during the construction of roads, as well as temporary roads .;

For each type of work, we offer special construction equipment that can be rented at very competitive prices. Excavation should be accompanied not only by high-quality equipment, but also by qualified personnel. Hiring operators operators without work experience is the most common mistake made by private developers and construction companies. In cooperation with us, you get a full guarantee that along with the rental of equipment you will be provided with qualified drivers.

Modern earthmoving equipment allows for the initial stage of construction using bulldozers and excavators with various attachments. Multifunctional machines can choose the soil to a great depth of up to 25 meters, while all labor is mechanized.

During the construction of the zero cycle, the question arises of transporting soil obtained as a result of digging pits or trenches. With the help of our backhoe loaders, these tasks are solved very quickly and without problems. Powerful and productive equipment will clean the construction site of everything unnecessary. We also organize the removal of construction waste and soil to designated areas for its disposal.

The price of excavation works with an excavator depends on the number of units of special equipment, its capacity and duration of work. We promptly provide transparent estimates if the customer gives an accurate plan for the upcoming construction. The rental of our special equipment is a guarantee of reliable and high-quality work, which is carried out exactly on time.

Rent an excavator for an hour or for the required number of shifts. Our specialists will guide you in choosing the right equipment at the right time.

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6 favorable conditions for renting an excavator in Malaysia for our customers

  • SAVE UP TO 20%

    Rent equipment at prices below average market prices. Outsourcing will save you cost compared to owning and buying your own fleet.

  • Delivery within 24 hrs

    Eliminate downtime - in case of urgency we will send you the equipment within 24 hrs. We will ensure a timely delivery

  • Free 11th shift

    Rent for 10 Consecutive 8 hours shift - we will provide 8 hours of one shift for free. Many more discounts and promotions for repeated orders

  • Advanced technology

    Use equipments with excellent performance - we conduct regular inspections to reduce the risk of any malfunctions to zero.

  • Contract warranty

    Do not doubt the safety of Yelobots. If a breakdown occurs, we will immediately find you another equipment. Replacement is entirely at our expense

  • On-line 24/7

    Book your equipment at any time of the day round the clock.

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